Terms and Conditions

A 50% deposit is required on all rentals along with a credit card.
Any cancellation turns into a credit that can be only used by the original customer.
Kids Play Inflatables “Does Not” issue refunds, a credit maybe issued by to a customer.
The customer is responsible for the replacement cost or repair cost of any damages to the rented equipment.   After the rental equipment is set up, no more than 2 kids/teens may enter at one time. No one over 200 pounds is allowed on any of the rentals. When setup, the Inflatable is not to be moved for any reason by the customer.   A refund will not be made due to changing weather conditions, failed electric service or any other situation not directly related to the fault of the rental equipment or installation provided by MS Entertainment Group , employees and/or helpers.   If you have any problems with our equipment, experience winds in excess of 15mph, a power outage, or an injury occurs, all participants must exit instantly. Then, shut down the equipment immediately and call our hotline (479.471.5758) to report the problem.

The customer is also responsible for observing posted age, weight and size limits, responding appropriately to unsafe weather conditions, providing adult supervision, following all safety rules and the overall safe operation of the invoice listed rental equipment and other provided items at all times during the rental period prior to removal of the rental equipment from the customer’s property or used location, or possession.
I, the customer, with authority to represent myself and/or my school, church, club, group, company or organization, by my signature, voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless MS Entertainment Group LLC employees and helpers from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, whether personal to me or to a third party which are related to, arise out of or are in any way connected with my rental of the invoice listed inflatables, bouncers, games, tents, tables, chairs, generators, extension cords, equipment or other items including those actions allegedly attributable to negligent acts of omissions.
I, the customer, further agree MS Entertainment Group LLC and/or employees are not responsible for injuries or property damages directly or indirectly caused by or related in any way to the rental, placement, installation, storage, use or removal of the listed rental item(s), including associated items, provided “free” items and its equipment, tools, extension cords, generators, trailers and/or vehicles.
I, the customer, by my signature, acknowledge that activities involving inflatable, games and associated event activities present known and unanticipated risks which could result in serious physical injury or death.   I, the customer, further acknowledge that MS Entertainment Group LLC is an equipment rental company and not a vendor or an operator.   Because MS Entertainment Group LLC does not operate or supervise the use of our rental equipment, and cannot control how a customer uses or supervises our equipment, we do not provide insurance that covers you or your event participants, damage to your event location or damages and injuries caused by any associated activity or other company or person.   We do not provide event insurance that covers you, your participants, or damages to your event location facilities.
I, the customer, further attest that I or the school, church, club, group, company or organization I represent have in force at this time event insurance or a valid business or residential home owner’s accident and/or liability insurance policy covering this event and/or the property or the activity where MS Entertainment Group LLC rental equipment will be placed, stored, displayed, installed, operated or used .

50% deposit is required on all rentals. If event is canceled credit will be applied to account for future events. Client agrees to a $100 damage fee held on your credit card for any weather related or personal damages done to equipment. $100 is refunded when Inflatables are returned and Inspected.

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